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Male Caregivers: The Untold Story


Male Caregivers: The Untold Story The old saying “It’s a man’s world” is never further from the truth than when it comes to male caregivers faced with caring for a loved one.  As many as 40% of unpaid caregivers are men.  Men will provide an average of 23 hours of care per week and do [...]

Male Caregivers: The Untold Story2022-09-24T13:43:24-04:00

Kelly McMahon Joins HomeCentris to Lead Skilled Home Health Division


Kelly McMahon Joins HomeCentris to Lead Skilled Home Health Division HomeCentris Healthcare, LLC (“HomeCentris”) today announced that Kelly McMahon, RN has joined the company to lead its skilled home health division.  HomeCentris has been actively growing this part of its business in Maryland since its initial skilled home health acquisition in May of 2019.  With [...]

Kelly McMahon Joins HomeCentris to Lead Skilled Home Health Division2022-04-02T09:32:37-04:00

Paying for Home Care


Paying for Home Care As you consider your healthcare options, many people first consider their finances. Depending on your needs, home care is often the lowest cost option when compared to assisted living, adult day care, or nursing home care. While paying for home care can seem intimidating and complicated, it doesn't have to be.  [...]

Paying for Home Care2022-09-24T13:40:44-04:00

Home Care versus Assisted Living


Home Care versus Assisted Living What are the options when considering Home Care versus Assisted Living?  Many people consider assisted living to be the primary choice for seniors who need assistance with the activities of daily living.  However, home care is a viable alternative for many people.  The short article below helps to compare [...]

Home Care versus Assisted Living2022-04-02T09:42:07-04:00

Mobility Issues for Seniors


Mobility Issues for Seniors Many seniors are able to receive care at home to comfortably age in place.  However, it doesn't mean that they are always able to get around their homes as easily as they want to. For many seniors, mobility issues are an unfortunate side effect of aging and can make daily [...]

Mobility Issues for Seniors2022-04-02T09:43:02-04:00
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