COVID Vaccine for Healthcare Workers

On August 23, 2021, the Federal Drug Administration (“FDA”) approved the Pfizer vaccine for standard use.  However, as the COVID 19 Pandemic continues to impact our community, it is important that we remain educated and updated on important issues like vaccinations, precautions, and restrictions.  Therefore, we wanted to present some COVID vaccine information for healthcare workers.

At this time, HomeCentris does not mandate COVID vaccination for any of our employees.  We respect and encourage each individual’s right to make their own, educated decision on vaccination.  We are continuing to monitor the regulatory environment around vaccination and will update our employees, customers, and community partners with any changes that occur.

In an effort to make information gathering easier for all, HomeCentris has assembled some resources that can assist you in staying informed and making educated decisions about things like vaccination.  We encourage you to use these along with other, reputable resources, and the advice of your personal doctor, as you make the important decision about vaccination.

Remember, if you do decide to get vaccinated, it is important to send your vaccination card to HomeCentris so we can keep our records up to date.  More and more of our clients are requesting vaccinated staff and we need to have up to date records to honor their requests.  To send your card, take a picture and email it to or upload it from our Staff Resources page.

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