Has COVID-19 Impacted Home Care?


Has COVID Impacted Home Care for Seniors? Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on our society.  Everyone has been touched by this virus whether they have contracted it themselves, lost a friend or loved one, or had their daily lives turned upside down.  No one has escaped its impact.  The same is [...]

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What is In-Home Care in Salisbury and Who Needs it


What Is In-Home Care and Who Needs It? As we grow older, our sense of identity and wellbeing is often tied to the place we live.  Therefore, it is no surprise that most seniors prefer to live and age at home, surrounded by the people and things they love.  Unfortunately, too many seniors -- and [...]

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What Is an Environmental Assessment?


What Is an Environmental Assessment? As we grow older, most people would like to remain in the place that they are most comfortable.  And for the majority of us in Salisbury, this is in our own homes and communities, where we can be close to our loved ones and are familiar with the surroundings.  However, [...]

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Help with Polypharmacy in Seniors Salisbury


Help with Polypharmacy in Seniors Salisbury, MD Experts refer to polypharmacy as the practice of taking five or more prescription medications a day. It is a condition that primarily affects the elderly. Because this demographic typically manages chronic diseases, the increase in drugs isn’t a surprise. Therefore, it’s essential to assist seniors with their medications.  [...]

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HomeCentris Provides Home Care in Salisbury


HomeCentris Healthcare Announces new location serving Maryland's Eastern Shore Baltimore, MD, November 5, 2020– HomeCentris Healthcare, LLC (“HHC”), Maryland’s leading provider of home care services, today announced that its HomeCentris Personal Care division has opened a new branch location in Salisbury, Maryland to serve seniors on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  HomeCentris offers a variety of in-home [...]

HomeCentris Provides Home Care in Salisbury2021-03-17T17:04:56-04:00
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