COVID Vaccine for Healthcare Workers


COVID Vaccine for Healthcare Workers On August 23, 2021, the Federal Drug Administration ("FDA") approved the Pfizer vaccine for standard use.  However, as the COVID 19 Pandemic continues to impact our community, it is important that we remain educated and updated on important issues like vaccinations, precautions, and restrictions.  Therefore, we wanted to present [...]

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COVID Vaccination Records


COVID-19 Vaccination Records - HomeCentris Staff As COVID 19 vaccinations become widely available to our caregivers and clients, we need to keep a record of our employees who have received the COVID Vaccination(s).  While HomeCentris does not mandate its staff be vaccinated, we do work in many environments that may require vaccinated staff.  In [...]

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HomeCentris Apparel and Accessories – Shop Now


Visit the HomeCentris Store Now HomeCentris Apparel Store Open Now Purchase your HomeCentris branded work shirts, t-shirts, scrubs, and accessories in the store now. The store is only open from now until April 16th! Don't miss your opportunity to get your HomeCentris swag here. This initial apparel offering is a trial to gauge interest [...]

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COVID Vaccine Updates Russian


HomeCentris Caregivers Вниманию работников по уходу на дому агенства HomeCentris: Будьте добры, добавьте эту страницу в закладки.  Мы будем продолжать обновлять ее по мере того, как окружные отделы здравоохранения присылают нам новую информацию.  Помните, что ни HomeCentris, ни какое-либо другое учреждение по уходу на дому не проводит вакцинацию собственного персонала.  Мы подчиняемся плану приоритетов [...]

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