HOME – The New Center of Healthcare


HOME is the New Center of Healthcare We have all watched scenes from old movies where a kind looking man with a black briefcase in hand and a stethoscope around his neck walks into the home of a patient to deliver care. A reassuring word, some common- sense advice, and maybe even a prescription for medication. [...]

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Home Care versus Home Health


Home Care Versus Home Health Home Care There is often a lot of confusion about "home care" versus "home health."  The two phrases are almost identical, but are the services?  Home Care is assistance with the activities of daily living or homemaking services.  Other common names for home care are personal care, attendant care, non-medical [...]

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Home Care Options After A Hospital Stay


Home Care Options After A Hospital Stay What Home Care Options Do We Have? Imagine you are moving through a normal day in your life.  You are managing your family, job, schoolwork, homework, kids' sports, etc.  It is hectic, but you have it all managed.  Then, you get a call that your mother, your father, [...]

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Healthy Living for Seniors


Healthy Living for Seniors Engage your Mind, Body, and Spirit for Healthy Living HomeCentris is committed to healthy living for seniors and to helping clients live safe at home, in their community for as long as possible.  Clients often find themselves dealing with struggles.  These struggles are all a part of life and often, cannot [...]

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Alzheimer’s and Geriatric Care Payment and Care Options


Alzheimer’s and Geriatric Care Payment and Care Options Alzheimer’s disease impacts more than 5 million older Americans. There are different stages of the disease, with its latter stages generally requiring full-time care and round-the-clock supervision. Paying for comprehensive Alzheimer’s and geriatric care when family members are unable to provide it is an expensive prospect. Fortunately, [...]

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