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Avoiding Caregiver Burnout


Avoiding Caregiver Burnout Adapted from an article on Taking care of a loved one who has dementia, physical disabilities or other age-related conditions makes demands on your time, energy, and emotions — demands that, as the Cleveland Clinic warns, “can easily seem overwhelming.”  Avoiding caregiver burnout is essential to maintaining your good health and [...]

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout2023-01-26T11:49:51-05:00

When Should Family Apply for Medicaid


When Should Family Apply for Medicaid for a Loved One? Get to know the program basics before an emergency occurs By Amanda Singleton Imagine your parent or spouse has had a fall or a stroke and is hospitalized. Usually, the following days and weeks are spent getting him or her stable, talking to family and [...]

When Should Family Apply for Medicaid2023-01-12T17:10:31-05:00

Paid to Be a Family Caregiver


Can I Be Paid to Be a Family Caregiver? Medicaid and veterans programs can help alleviate the financial burden of family caregiving Adapted from an article by AARP Caregiving for a family member can be time-consuming and emotionally draining. It can be financially draining, too.  About 48 million Americans provide care without pay to [...]

Paid to Be a Family Caregiver2023-01-24T17:27:27-05:00

Male Caregivers: The Untold Story


Male Caregivers: The Untold Story The old saying “It’s a man’s world” is never further from the truth than when it comes to male caregivers faced with caring for a loved one.  As many as 40% of unpaid caregivers are men.  Men will provide an average of 23 hours of care per week and do [...]

Male Caregivers: The Untold Story2022-09-24T13:43:24-04:00

Paying for Home Care


Paying for Home Care As you consider your healthcare options, many people first consider their finances. Depending on your needs, home care is often the lowest cost option when compared to assisted living, adult day care, or nursing home care. While paying for home care can seem intimidating and complicated, it doesn't have to be.  [...]

Paying for Home Care2022-09-24T13:40:44-04:00
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