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HomeCentris Spirit Week ’23


IT’S HOMECENTRIS SPIRIT WEEK!! Monday February 6, 2023 - Friday February 10, 2023 This week, HomeCentris office staff is celebrating its annual Spirit Week.  What a fun way to get to know your co-workers. Monday - HomeCentris Colors Day (Blue and white) Wear the HomeCentris colors or your HomeCentris swag! Tuesday - Phone a friend!  Office staff will call [...]

HomeCentris Spirit Week ’232023-02-06T16:29:58-05:00

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout


Avoiding Caregiver Burnout Adapted from an article on Taking care of a loved one who has dementia, physical disabilities or other age-related conditions makes demands on your time, energy, and emotions — demands that, as the Cleveland Clinic warns, “can easily seem overwhelming.”  Avoiding caregiver burnout is essential to maintaining your good health and [...]

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout2023-01-26T11:49:51-05:00

When Should Family Apply for Medicaid


When Should Family Apply for Medicaid for a Loved One? Get to know the program basics before an emergency occurs By Amanda Singleton Imagine your parent or spouse has had a fall or a stroke and is hospitalized. Usually, the following days and weeks are spent getting him or her stable, talking to family and [...]

When Should Family Apply for Medicaid2023-01-12T17:10:31-05:00

Paid to Be a Family Caregiver


Can I Be Paid to Be a Family Caregiver? Medicaid and veterans programs can help alleviate the financial burden of family caregiving Adapted from an article by AARP Caregiving for a family member can be time-consuming and emotionally draining. It can be financially draining, too.  About 48 million Americans provide care without pay to [...]

Paid to Be a Family Caregiver2023-01-24T17:27:27-05:00

Department of Labor Targeting Home Care Agencies


Department of Labor Targeting Home Care Agencies Caregivers, is your current agency misclassifying you as an independent contractor rather than a W2 employee?  In a recent announcement, the US Department of Labor is targeting home care agencies that misclassify their caregivers as independent contractors.  This misclassification deprives you of your federal labor protections, including your [...]

Department of Labor Targeting Home Care Agencies2022-10-16T17:49:54-04:00
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