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Working Over Authorization


Working Over Authorization Effective September 17, 2020, hours worked over the weekly authorization will be adjusted to the Authorized Hours.  If you do exceed the Authorized Hours, you may contact us to explain why.  However, unless there is an approved reason, excess hours for the work week (Thursday to Wednesday) will be adjusted to the [...]

Working Over Authorization2020-09-02T17:17:28-04:00

Anna Stenko


August 20, 2020 Dear HomeCentris Gaithersburg Team, I am writing to inform you that our Agency Director, Anna Stenko, is no longer working for HomeCentris.  Anna Stenko worked with our company for 3 years and we wish her well in her future endeavors.  Ms. Stenko’s departure will not impact your employment or your client’s Medicaid [...]

Anna Stenko2020-09-02T17:18:04-04:00

Can Veterans Get Home Care Benefits?


Can Veterans Get Home Care Benefits? One of the questions we routinely receive is, "are there home care benefits for Veterans?"  Actually, the Veterans Administration ("VA") has a program that pays for home care benefits for Veterans to allow them to remain safe and independent at home.  This program is for Veterans who need [...]

Can Veterans Get Home Care Benefits?2020-08-20T10:12:46-04:00

What is Caregiver Fatigue?


What is Caregiver Fatigue? Caring for your parents was never your plan, but since your mother’s hospitalization, she’s moved in.  As a result, caring for her has become a second job. You feel physically, mentally, and emotionally drained all the time. While caring for your parents can be rewarding, it can also lead to caregiver [...]

What is Caregiver Fatigue?2020-11-23T20:30:26-05:00

What are the Signs Mom or Dad Needs Senior Care


What are the Signs Mom or Dad Needs Senior Care? There are several signs that your mom or dad needs senior care. If you begin to recognize these signs, you may need to have a delicate conversation with your loved one. There are several signs to watch out for that can indicate a senior loved [...]

What are the Signs Mom or Dad Needs Senior Care2020-08-12T10:48:31-04:00
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